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Deleted User   May 14, 2019 9:44am

I would like advice please, regarding any technology that might help a young girl with a significant tremor to type. She is very young and not yet at an age to use voice recognition. Ideally she would be able to use a tablet or laptop in the classroom.
Many thanks

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Deleted User   May 21, 2019 5:04pm

There are things you can do to help her. If she can use a PC /Laptop she can have things like key repeat switched off to avoid unwanted letters. But the biggest things to consider is - mouse & keyboard. The mouse can be used differently. It can be used to point and then using the keyboard press ENTER. This avoids the tremor from moving the mouse pointer along. If she is still learning to use the mosue I recommend you look at Mouse Skills from Inclusive Technology which goes through the stages of learning to use the mouse.

Secondly, using the keyboard. Consideration given to a laptop or usb keyboard with widely spaced keys would be helpful. Also, a keyguard would be useful like this one:- or BIGkeys keyboards as listed at Inclusive Technology.

I hope that helps. Please write back if you want further help

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