Step One - Membership fees

Please select your Sector and Number of employees below to see what your BATA membership costs.


(VAT not included)

If you want to discuss which membership fee is appropriate for you or you have a query about our membership fees please contact us.

If you would like to see the fee structure in more detail please refer to the tables below.

HE, FE and Schools

For HE, FE and Schools we have set a single membership fee as indicated in the table.

    HE FE Schools
Discount level Base price 50% 60% 70%
Set fee any number
of employees
£900* £450* £360* £270*

Commercial and Third sector

  Commercial / 
Local authority or
Government department
Third Sector
Discount level Base price 60%
Individual Member £80* n/a
1-3 employees £160* £64*
4-10 employees £300* £120*
11-50 employees £600* £240*
51-200 employees £900* £360*
201 to 999 employees £1200* £480*
1000 or more employees £1500* £600*


*These prices are not inclusive of VAT.

Individual means if you are self employed or the only employee of your company.

Otherwise the number of employees is the number of full-time equivalent employees of the company that you represent.

Assessment centres are considered as commercial companies.

If you you would like to discuss which membership fee is right for you please contact us for help.