Membership terms

BATA Online Limited

Further information for members

Full members will become members of BATA Online Limited, the company limited by guarantee which operates BATA. As such, full members will be bound by and subject to that company’s Articles of Association.

Downloaded Articles of association (.pdf - 69 KB).

Under the terms of the Articles of Association, full members will:-

  1. be required to contribute £1 to the liabilities of the company on the company’s liquidation;
  2. be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at general meetings of the company; and
  3. be liable to have their membership terminated should they:-
    (a) fail to pay any annual subscription within one month of the due date for payment;
    (b) fail to comply with any rules of membership published from time to time by the Council; or
    (c) be guilty of conduct likely to bring the company into disrepute.

No other classes of member will have the right to attend, speak at or vote at any general meetings of the Company.